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James Oliver Curwood

 Books & Articles About James Oliver Curwood

  • *Curwood, James Oliver.  God's Country:  the Trail to Happiness.  New York:  Cosmospolitan Books, 1921.
  • *Curwood, James Oliver.  The Glory of Living:  the Autobiography of an Adventurous Boy WhoGrew into a Writer and a Lover of Life.  Mattituck, N.Y.:  Aeonian, 1983.
  • "Curwood Funeral Set for Tuesday."  Argus Press:  August 14, 1927, p. 1.
  • Eastman, John. "James Oliver Curwood:  Conservation's Holy Terror."  Michigan Out-of-Doors:  July 1973, p. 10.
  • *"Editorials Praise Curwood."  Argus Press:  August 17, 1927, p. 1.
  • *Eldridge, Judith A. James Oliver Curwood: God's country and the Man.  Bowling Green, OH:   Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1993.
  • *”God’s Country and the Woman”  (review).  Bookman:  June 1915, p. 425.
  •  “How the Highest Paid of All Picture Playwrights Gets His Material.”  Green Book:   May 1914.
  • *”J. O. Curwood’s The Danger Trail”  (review).  Bookman:  April 1910, p. 202.
  • *”James Oliver Curwood Finds the Soul of Nature.”  Dearborn Independent (Ford International Weekly):  May 6, 1922.
  • *"James Oliver Curwood's Life:  Short But Adventuresome."  Shiawassee County Independent:  June 3, 1985, pp 4-5.
  • *”Jim Curwood.”  Bookman:  November 1927, pp. 288-91.
  • *”Jim Curwood of Owosso.”  Good Housekeeping:  November 1922, pp. 40ff.
  •  “The Late J. O. C.”  (picture).  Bookman:  November 1908, p. 208.
  • *Long, Ray.  "James Oliver Curwood and His Far North."  Bookman:  February 1921, pp. 492-95.
  • *"The Lounger." Putnams Monthly & the Reader: Vol. V (1908-09), p. 497
  • *"Owosso's Curwood Wrote 30 Novels, But Critics Cool."  Flint Journal:  September 12, 1965.
  • *”Rollo Boys Lost in the Curwood.”  Bookman:  September 1925, pp. 28-32.
  • *Ross, Inez.  The Bear and the Castle:  the James Oliver Curwood Story.  Los Alamos, N.M.:  Ashley House, 1997.
  • *Shiawassee County Genealogical Society.  The Curwood Family.
  • *Shiawassee County Independent & the Argus Press.  Curwood Tree Has Deep Roots.
  • *Swiggett, Hobart Donald.  James Oliver Curwood, Disciple of the Wilds.  Paebar Co., 1943.
*Shiawassee District Library—Owosso owns copies of these articles or books.


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